The Biden family has again been credibly accused of corruption in relation to their dealings with Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company. According to a confidential FBI source, Burisma’s founder had 17 recordings of bribery conversations with the Bidens, with two of the recordings including conversations with Joe Biden himself and 15 with Hunter Biden. The source also claimed that Burisma’s CEO had two documents that evidenced payments to the Bidens, presumably in exchange for the firing of Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who was fired at Joe Biden’s personal demand. Despite this evidence, the FBI and DOJ hid the document from investigators and Congress, obstructed the investigation into Hunter Biden, and gave him a sweetheart plea deal to make the whole investigation go away. The FBI also raided Trump’s home and charged him with felonies, while Democrats impeached Trump for digging into Biden corruption in Ukraine.

The accusations against the Bidens have been controversial and have been the subject of much political debate. Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has obtained and released the FD-1023 document about the Biden family bribery scheme, which the FBI had hidden from investigators and Congress. Grassley claims that the document shows that Joe Biden took a $5 million bribe from Burisma’s founder to get Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired, and that Joe delivered by withholding $1 billion in US aid until Shokin was fired. However, Grassley admits that he doesn’t actually know if the audio recordings that he said reveal Joe Biden accepting a bribe actually exist.

The allegations against the Bidens have been the subject of much speculation and controversy. While the evidence against them is not conclusive, the accusations have raised concerns about corruption and the influence of money in politics. It remains to be seen whether the allegations will be proven and whether they will have any impact on the political landscape in relation to the 2024 Presidential election.